Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

life  §

is a strange kind of beast

It’s always hard to tell liberation from domination from failure.

It’s a Saturday afternoon in New York City and I’m at school (pretty much the only one). Why?

I don’t know. Why not?

I have a bunch of photos to keyword and caption, but I’m not really into that right now. I need… something… but I don’t know what. Always that’s the way. I guess what I really need is to resolve paradoxes.

I want to live in the snowy mountains and I want to live in the dirty, packed city.

I want to be alone and I also want company.

I want to be poor but I also want to be able to play rich and travel, photograph, etc.

I want to teach and I also want to get out of academia forever.

I want to be a photographer but I don’t want to have to sell photographs.

I love technology but I also find it to be completely unfulfilling and banal.

I always miss my friends but I never, ever see them.

I should get to work. That’s why I’m here.