Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

What I miss right now:  §

– My Grandfather
– My childhood
– Infallibility (you won’t believe this, but I used to have it)
– A certain lack of contradictory emotions
– Real chinese food that I can afford

I am rusty at paper writing. I’ve been working at it more or less all day without being particularly satisfied at the result. The funny thing about New York (not a clean segue, nor paragraph break, but oh well) is that it is an inversion of my previous schedule. From full-on usually-at-home, freelance, direct-my-own-time pacing, I have moved to a rarely-at-home, externally-driven lifestyle that will only intensify once I get work.

I suspect that for the next half-decade I shan’t have any personal life (or time) at all. But that’s just a guess.

Call me square but I’d think that the lack of contradictory emotions is only possible when you, I don’t know, reach enlightenment, some sort of nirvana? Or, possibly, as a result of some pretty intense silencing yourslef? Not that i ever gave it so much thought really. It’s just intuitive. But still.

leapdragon says:

I was just reading you again and I realized that I probably don’t actually know you in real life, since most everyone in my department knows that I already have a grad degree.

Congratulations, I award you the "first person-I-don’t-actually-know-to-comment-on-my-blog-in-months" award. And just after I reinstated comments, too!

Your timing is impeccable.

leapdragon says:

Maybe. Contradictory emotions are like fat, old politicians: they don’t cause the world to fall apart, they just take up space and money. When the fat, old politicians are overthrown by young, single-minded blood… Revolutions result.

Same with the lack of contradictory emotions. Usually, I have them. Now, not so much. Dangerous.

I don’t quite get the part about emotions – would you care to elaborate?

Dioni says:

It can’t possibly be that dramatic, don’t you think? For starters, it’s probably more the social life that you may be missing and not the personal one, but that’s not the point. The point is, if you haven’t yet learnt to stretch your 24 hours into, say, 36, then you are more than likely to learn it in grad school. It’s a pretty rewarding activity, too, come to think about it. Maybe I should also add that you may choose not to do that, of course, bearing in mind that too high a speed and level of efficiency does burn one out (sooner than later). Oh well. Talking about balance… not.