Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Hmmm…  §

It suddenly occurs to me tonight as I sit here responding to literally dozens of email messages, working on writing papers and writing for work, hoping that I get a job call over the next few days, preparing for an appointment tomorrow followed by class, checking bank accounts and creating web sites that I’ve promised to create, as well cleaning up and preparing the next batch of photos for submission…

I have a very busy life all of a sudden.

It’s only been a couple of months since I was sitting around in SLC doing little more than shooting photos and waiting to go to school.

leapdragon says:

True, not a complaint. Well, half of the time not a complaint. Hahaha. Even in the suburbs I suspect I wouldn’t be comfortably unbothered and unstimulated. Nature of the business of being me, I suppose.

Probably the same for others, but who could ever know? No one, certainly. Damn being anyway.

Dioni says:

And you are not alone, believe it or not. I have read somewhere that mid-twenties and thirties are the worst (or the best, you choose) time in life in terms of being busy. Then things settle down a little: you have some money in your bank account, your relationship is going steady (true -sometimes steadily going down), you do not fill out as many applications as you used to. And of course you are also growing old, and wish you were a little busier because it brings the memories of the frantic young-hood closer. See? Nothing too remarkable. Where would we be without those ruptures? (I know where – in the suburbs, comfortably unbothered and unstimulated). I know you don’t mean this as a complaint but just an observation. I mean the above likewise.