Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

three chord progression  §

In the middle of the day,
on the open street,
you see for blocks and blocks ahead of you,
pavement, buildings, pedestrian dreams—
as though your destination
was your destiny,
your footsteps
your fantasy,
your outer reach
a New York mile.

And then you walk, sure, like always,
but you don’t
(with that sneer on your face)
let yourself think you gonna get there
before the music stops
before the lights change
before the sun goes down.

‘Cause when those gaslamps come on up,
with their green-yellow pathos,
you’ll still be walking,
hands in pockets,
hat pulled low,
cigarette in mouth…

…and everybody needs to live,
and everybody needs to die,
and everybody has a story in the city
that’ll never get told,
where they don’t wait for salvation,
or the sun to rise again,
and the blocks go on forever.
(Cigarette in mouth.)

Keep this in mind, brother,
and pull on back.

In the crux of the moment,
just pull on back.

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