Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

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Laundry started at 1.15. By the time I’m showered and wearing it it’s 3.00 or later. Maybe today is not for school, but is rather to read at home. I just found out it’s Super Bowl Sunday. If I were still living in California I would so be watching it. Living in New York, I am so not.

I thought for a moment there was mold growing on the surface of my desk, but then I looked more closely and it’s a drop of Chartreuse that has crystallized to form a little explosion of sugar spires. For some reason, it feels like it would be a shame to clean it up just now when it’s gone to all the trouble to crystallize like that, so it’s gonna live there for a while.

I like life right now. I’m just sayin’. (Just gotta be sure to keep my head on straight, not lose the killer instinct, etc. Should be doable.)

leapdragon says:

Mmmm, it makes perfect sense in my head as well… a head which I am quickly losing, I have to admit. But I make the admission without regret or ability to forestall it. 😉

It's me says:

and I’m not even sure what I’m doing here, but let me just post this:

I told that story before
but it hurt much more
I don’t think I can manage much fucking else
I’m alone
This is the volcano of my life
Love well
Value every kiss
And savor your body’s blink between being born and dying
Some things don’t change
I want to feel the whole blast of the hammers of the situation
to be pulled
and changed
and to serve
I am here with you
my body is right here
you are right here
I still feel alone
A little afraid of all of you
a lot wetter
a lot messier
and more human
and complicated
where I belong
– Tim Miller (per keeping your head on straight, but it’s quite possible that it makes sense only in my head 😉 )