Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

international house  §

Laundry started at 1.15. By the time I’m showered and wearing it it’s 3.00 or later. Maybe today is not for school, but is rather to read at home. I just found out it’s Super Bowl Sunday. If I were still living in California I would so be watching it. Living in New York, I am so not.

I thought for a moment there was mold growing on the surface of my desk, but then I looked more closely and it’s a drop of Chartreuse that has crystallized to form a little explosion of sugar spires. For some reason, it feels like it would be a shame to clean it up just now when it’s gone to all the trouble to crystallize like that, so it’s gonna live there for a while.

I like life right now. I’m just sayin’. (Just gotta be sure to keep my head on straight, not lose the killer instinct, etc. Should be doable.)