Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

makes no sense but  §

It’s nearly 4.00 and the building closes at 8.00. But I’m going downtown anyway. I’m not getting anything done here and I will clearly continue to not get anything done here. The bed is already a distraction. Combine with drinks, cameras, novels, and the telephone, all of which are calling to me, and there is no hope.

At school I am more focused and able to make things happen, and there are a lot of things to make happen just now, provided the school doesn’t close early today or somethin’. Dammit.

It all makes me wonder: was I ever disciplined enough to study at home? I think the answer is “Yes, I always am, once everything is overdue and the time crunch is an emergency.” The point is to keep from getting to that stage and to develop instead a lifestyle based on good habits. That’s the Buddhist in me talking, but he needs more input into things in general, I think.

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