Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

okay, this takes the cake (+addendum)  §

What kind of graduate school closes early on weekdays, is closed half of all weekends, and publishes ‘building hours’ that are completely and continuously ignored? Talk about ridiculous.

Addendum: Some things, goes the saying, are simply not meant to be, and tonight bears this out. Tonight I was not meant to study. After arriving at school only to find it closing some three hours earlier than its already ridiculously early closing time, I went to Cosi, sat down, ordered a drink and a sandwich, and then found that their wireless access was down. So I gave up on the stuff I was going to work on and decided to do some reading / note-taking, whereupon they proceeded to dim the lights to jazz club levels and began loudly playing the most obnoxious Southern California music (including my all-time song-nemesis, “Brown-Eyed Girl,” which never once stopped playing at every gas station, K-Mart, and beach cafe the entire year I lived in So Cal, and perhaps the only song on Earth I can not as a result bear to hear).

I asked for a check to get out of there and 45 minutes later, once I started to get *really* cranky, they finally brought it.

Clearly today is not to study, so I am just going home to the I-House pub to watch whatever remains of the Super Bowl after all.

It should be nice, and for some reason I am suddenly looking quite forward to it.

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