Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Better.  §

Hot shower and bottle of water and all is better, cleaner, more awake. Though I do think I’ll drink a bunch of vegetable juice and similar nonsense today.

Two commonly held pieces of conventional wisdom about life oppose one another.

“Live deliberately,” goes one of them, demanding deliberation about one’s own life-as-object requiring, naturally, both consciousness and detachment, between object and self. You make the right decisions, says the logic, because you’re constantly aware of the decisions that you’re making.

“Live in the moment,” goes the other one of them, repeated every bit as much and often by the same people in different circumstances. This second formulation is meant to suggest the surrender of consciousness to the purely phenomenological, i.e. the dismissal of scruples and enjoyment of whatever comes your way. You make the right decisions, says the argument in favor of this position, because they’re intuitive and untainted by second-guessing or self-doubt.

As I said, these two do not go together. Also, they’re both crap.

There is nothing in the world so beautiful as the frozen moment, because to stop time is to annihilate mortality while making possible the immortality of otherwise transitory joy. This is why photographs are so compelling: overpowering the temporal nexus itself, they appear to grant a carefree eternal life at the engagement of one’s choosing.

This is not a new idea, but sometimes I can’t help but stumble over it and gape at it for a second.

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