Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

There has to be some way around this.  §

I am suffering from a distinct lack of time to work on things that are not immediately time-critical. All of the time-critical stuff keeps floating to the top and the other things then get pushed indefinitely backward into non-existence.

Fucking hell. I am tempted once again to skip the office today (Maybe reschedule it for Saturday? I know some people are generally there then…) just so that I can get some other important things done that are absolutely not getting done.

If the school was fucking open until midnite every day, things would be _ so . much . easier _ to schedule and fit in. This “building effectively closing at 9.30 on weekdays and 7.30 or sooner on weekends” is absolutely murderous and I am beginning to get a bit cynical about the school’s seriousness and dedication when hours are considered in this light.

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