Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

4am  §

Sometimes I think I belong in Nebraska.

If there’s a moment at which the entire fucking project falls down, that’s it.

‘Acceptance’ is just another word for denial. Other words include ‘age,’ ‘work,’ ‘sunlight,’ ‘understanding,’ ‘lunch,’ and ‘Friday.’

It’s too early or too late for everything you want to do. Sartre said it first, yeah, but I’m saying it when I’m tired so he can bite me. 😉

I can’t decide whether I’m anachronism or would-be Messiah. I wonder if other men feel the same. Sometimes, given a chance, I think I am a healer. Other times I am sure I am the angel of death. Same thing, I suppose.

Zas deep, boi.

The danger is in turning those abstract people into concrete individuals. Because then I am not at all a sociologist, or even a humanist.

Snow is the most beautiful thing on earth, even at 4am.

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