Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

analyze organize synthesize  §

Life management = not my strong suit. In particular, I suck at managing time, money, and health. That’s pretty much everything so I’m a little in trouble.


– I will be calling CEOs all week at work
– I want to send more and more to Alamy but no time to do it
– I need to read and write more and meta-act less
– I need, absolutely, positively, to shoot much more
– I have sore muscles here and there
– I bought money management software but never used it
– Community is essential but it is also self-rationing
– Thinking about religion makes me tired and depressed
– My career in publishing is clearly over
– It sounds like winter again outside instead of spring
– Late again, late again

People change as they age. This seems obvious, but at the same time it can really be a shock to watch the personalities, interests, and givens of people you know, friends, etc. evolve in directions you never would have imagined or that are opposite your own directions.

I know they must feel the same ways about the people in their lives, including me. It’s a little unsettling because you are actively losing people you once knew as they are replaced by new people.