Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

analyze organize synthesize  §

Life management = not my strong suit. In particular, I suck at managing time, money, and health. That’s pretty much everything so I’m a little in trouble.


– I will be calling CEOs all week at work
– I want to send more and more to Alamy but no time to do it
– I need to read and write more and meta-act less
– I need, absolutely, positively, to shoot much more
– I have sore muscles here and there
– I bought money management software but never used it
– Community is essential but it is also self-rationing
– Thinking about religion makes me tired and depressed
– My career in publishing is clearly over
– It sounds like winter again outside instead of spring
– Late again, late again

People change as they age. This seems obvious, but at the same time it can really be a shock to watch the personalities, interests, and givens of people you know, friends, etc. evolve in directions you never would have imagined or that are opposite your own directions.

I know they must feel the same ways about the people in their lives, including me. It’s a little unsettling because you are actively losing people you once knew as they are replaced by new people.

"People change as they age…"

Then… there are those few friends… brothers even… that stand the test of time and as you spend a little time together with them… you are somewhat surprised… yet not surprised… that they are still the same awesome person you knew from before.

That is what I call a breath of fresh air!