Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Life  §

is a troubling thing in general, full of wicked-fast surprises and cosmic shifts for which one is never prepared. Tonight I am not prepared for anything. There are an infinite number of things I’d like to express, but I’m not really able to get any of them out, and they’ve all been said at varying times and places in the past anyway, so it begins to feel like repeating myself.

Not that repeating oneself isn’t also the stuff of life—it is.

Things I hate:

– sociality
– anti-sociality
– self-sufficiency
– interdependence
– religion
– atheism

Things in the world that I know for sure:

Things in the world that I don’t think I have any idea about:

The old inner conflict of the blog is back. :-/ The axiom of this inner conflict is that the things that need most desperately to be discussed and communicated are precisely those that can’t be because to do so endangers everything else in life.

The blog is thus a space of possibility that is, frustratingly, never fulfilled.

I know I said this already, at some point in a conversation that actually was not mediated through any other means of communication except my own clumsy way of putting things into words, so although you already heard what I meant maybe it will gain some higher importance when you will also read it here – I know we cannot be everything. But we can want to be everything. and so, sometimes, only sometimes, some of us wanna be the blog. not so we can be written. but so we can be the space of expressing exasperation and loneliness without necessarily imposing the threat of having to discuss them, if doing so feels endangering. maybe if that space is human, then it can be fulfilled?