Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Things  §


Now running Fedora 7 on a T30. Seems stable and about the same as six. A few updates (Thunderbird, most visibly to me) but nothing new to write home about. Had to assign labels to all partitions to get Anaconda to do the upgrade.

One issue: EXA acceleration on Radeon Mobility really sucks. Had to revert to XAA for the time being to get decent performance.


Have two crazy neighbors, one who gets passively-aggressively pissed off every time anything (ANYTHING) is in front of our door—box, stool, etc., and one who gets literally pissed off anytime she hears a noise (like, say, people walking down the hall in their socks). Both make a habit of talking to the super about things that are totally normal.

I like this place a lot but it does look like we have princesses for neighbors.


I’m a bit overwhelmed, time-wise.


It’s damn hard to get ahold of a bed in New York if you don’t want to spend $5,999. Showrooms are all full of very expensive stuff and they don’t want to sell you anything cheaper. Delivery is a problem. Brooklyn, which is where all of the cheap furniture stores are, is Brooklyn, and you can’t manage to actually buy anything there to save your life.

Ergo, no bed.



Got papers to grade.

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