Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

It’s been  §

a difficult kind of semester. Really everything since the Christmas and New Year break has been a bit difficult, a bit meandering; there is just too much going on in too many quarters and a few of the chickens have clearly come home to roost. It’s been necessary to lighten responsibilities and make compromises and it feels a bit like having to suffer little defeats here and there.

I think we’re both just a bit tired and we’ve both bitten off more than we can chew; or rather, we bit off a great deal a while back knowing that we’d eventually get tired of chewing it all and that time has come.

I really can’t wait until the semester is over. My first full year of teaching at the university level will be over and it will be amazing to have an empty summer with no classes—not taking classes, not teaching classes, just work and home and recreation, something that hasn’t happened for too many summers now.

Really it’s just too long to be juggling so many things. Job one and job two and, with teaching, job three, not to mention classes being taken and exams being studied for and trips being planned for and holidays upcoming and life changes on the way and so on and so forth. Things may finally calm down come summer, and it can’t possibly be too soon.

I just want to Norman Rockwell it for a while, rather than New Yorking it all the time.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is the first day back after spring break, which followed on the heels of a week that saw the biggest snow storm of the year in New York—a storm that canceled classes. As a result, it feels like an age since I was in the classroom and I’m wondering whether I can remember anything that was going on before the break. I guess we’ll see.

It seriously feels as though the semester ought to be over already. Seriously.