Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

When you are doing the right thing,  §

every color is the color of happiness, no matter whether the day is blue, yellow, or gray. We are doing the right thing. It is a long road ahead but there is nothing to do but live and live well—something that has been too long in coming and that sometimes still gets lost in the confusion of things. But it never gets lost for more than a moment or two; we have found the way and the way is clear. The way is for us and we will walk it.

I can’t imagine where it will take us. I can’t imagine where we have already been, and where I was before even that; it’s all a dream, a shadow, a scent on the breeze. The past never was, neither the present. There is only one thing that is forever real, one thing that is forever: the future, the future, the future.

It’s ours and we’re taking it.

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