Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

My whole life, people have said  §

two things about me:

(1) God, you know a lot and you seem to be good at everything…
(2) …but you’re so undisciplined, just imagine where you could be if you focused!

Thing is—the thing that people don’t get—the two can’t be untangled from each other. Focus means, literally, a pinpoint-like concentration, excluding or ceding to the periphery all else. That is irreconcilable with “good at everything.”

If more people were well-rounded, fewer people would be hungry.
If more people were well-rounded, fewer people would die in wars.
If more people were well-rounded, more people would be happy.

They use the phrase “renaissance man” but it should really just be “man,” the human condition. Evolutionary man, primal man does not focus his attention in a single task or concept every hour of the day, every day of his life. This is not what we are “designed” for, and this discipline, this focus, is precisely the source of unhappiness in modernity that both Marx and Weber, at the very least, so rightly criticized.

Everyone in the universe has lost perspective.

This is your one life.

You are living it right now.

You will not have a chance to change your answers later on.

Live and live well, taking it all in judiciously and with foresight the first time, because there is no second time.

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