Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

8 am chicago spring raining  §

I remember walking across campus getting a little wet in the rain.

In the rain.

Nights under archways at the entrance to the pub between drinks looking at the sky and wondering about all of the things that there is no point in wondering about. Those things are always there; they are there until you’re dead.

Then you can’t wonder anymore.

Religion strikes the masses like sunlight.

Darkness strikes the masses as a bad idea.

The masses crowd each other in the courtyard; they trample each other in the non-shadow; they wonder aloud whether there could be any greater tragedy; they sing strange songs of denial and absent-minded forgetfulness as they don’t talk to one another about their plight.

New York in the morning: almost transparent now. Almost transparent. Are there places that aren’t? I suspect not. That’s being human.





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