Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I very much wish  §

I had the money to build myself a PC right now. This notebook (Pentium M 2.1GHz, single core of course, 2GB, Nvidia mobile 5 series) is getting just a little bit long in the tooth and slow for current versions of…everything.

Here’s what I’d build:

A 300W Mini-ITX case w/room for a 9″ Nvidia board

Core 2 Quad processor



Latest 9″ Nvidia-based board, whatever it happens to be

Everything else on USB

Some kinda flatness, with at least 1600×1200

Fedora 11 (already running it on my P-M)

Goddammit that would make research life easier. Clickety-clickety-click, bookmarka-bookmarka-browsa-bomb.

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