Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Things I want  §

– Ph.D.

– Kids (abstract; tough to imagine concrete since they’re so variable)

– Resurrected writing career

– Hardwood floors

– Big windows

– Fast self-assembled wildly overspecified computer system

– Big self-assembled solar system

– Old self-maintained engine-integrated RV

– Beachfront property

– Sanity

– Self-discipline

– Acres and acres of cattails

– Years as a photographer

– Trip to China

– Restoration for the 25-year old Volvo

– Enough money to travel NYC<->SLC with ease, over and over again

– An end to the tension

– Blundstones to go with the Redbacks

– For this to all be over and done with

– A month in Venice to read Proust

– Carl’s Jr., right now

– For most of my exes to die suddenly and hilariously

– Absolution for the previous remark

– Honesty

– Respect

– Serenity

– Peace

– Time

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