Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Late Nights?  §

Well this hasn’t happened for a very long time. Here I sit, at 2:47 in the morning, and I have been coding all night like it’s the old days. Okay, that’s a bit of a lie. I haven’t actually been doing that much coding. A small pile of PHP and about three lines of javascript is the extent of it. And it’s only web development work.

Still, it feels decidedly as though everything old is new again. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy (even as I dread) these late nights of techno-work. They used to be virtually every night for me, at a particular stage of my life that has been forgotten for a number of years. And somehow, right in the middle of middle age and fatherhood and a Ph.D. program, here they are again.

Apart from my own much more modest and unassuming project here that has kept me occupied once or twice over the last week or two, the siren that’s captured my attention at the moment is Deliberately Considered, a nominally social-science-y website created by my advisor, Jeff Goldfarb. He’s an interesting man, really the opposite of me in many ways—a tremendous social talent with a knack for explaining things simply and an optimistic streak about politics about a mile wide. (Compare to me: a social disaster who tends toward abstraction and complexity and is about as pessimistic about political prospects as they come.)

In any case, I’m clearly a bit rusty compared to my most design-y days of yore, but still, I’m making it work and things are looking reasonably good, and more to the point, this project is giving me that much needed alternate-thinking-modality time that I’m so sorely lacking these days. This bit of blog that you’re looking at right now is doing the very same thing. And once I start writing in non-academic ways again regularly, too, which is definitely part of the plan, maybe I can take a step back toward that “renaissance man” goal that I had always maintained as a youngster.

In the meantime, however, I have to get some sleep. It’s 2:53 and I’m a father that has to hold down a job and stay healthy in the midst of a very intense semester. Sheesh.

— § —

A quick shout-out to the, like, three friends that I have left in the world apart from my lovely wife and daughter. Sorry, in particular, to the one that sent me an inside-joke text message yesterday and to whom I haven’t yet replied. You can see where things are—I got up at 8:00 this morning and have been working straight through until 2:55 new-this morning.

But I’m gonna write back shortly. Like, tomorrow, if I can get myself to remember amidst the fatigued stupor that will no doubt be hanging about my head.

— § —

As an aside, I love this MacBook Pro. Love it. It’s a crime that (a) Windows still exists and (b) Linux and OSS developers can’t take a page from OSX, or at least try it out and use it long enough to realize what unmitigated disasters KDE and GNOME (but especially KDE) are.

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