Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Things.  §

  • The fact that “think of the children” is now a phrase to be ridiculed on our society is evidence of our society’s catastrophic level of pathology.
  • The expressive violence problem in the country is becoming acute. By “expressive violence” I mean violence that is committed not in furtherance of a crime, but as the expression of the actor’s feelings in a given situation, whether personal or political.
  • I am feeling perilously close to predicting a Trump victory in November. Shades of Nixon’s election everywhere.
  • The thing that every faction, cause, interest, and population in the country, left or right, has in common is an unapologetic certainty of their own self-justification and the righteousness of their ends, and of the sure moral corruption and irredeemability of any opposed. That is the primary ingredient in the recipe for violence in the streets, or worse, for civil war.
  • Like the era of the dot-com boom before it, the era of the mobile device is now over. Apple is the bellwether here. What is next? I suspect the era of the electric car on the industrial technology front, and the era of environmental (no, not wearable) computing on the consumer front.
  • If I have to buy another vacuum (and I may soon), I will buy a robot vacuum. Just because.
  • I have waited my entire life for the perfect keyboard, and I’m still waiting. I don’t expect input devices to move beyond keyboards in my lifetime if they can’t even get keyboards right a century later.
  • There is a hole in my soul where my bicycle used to be.
  • Our dog is getting old. Sometimes I forget just how old. This is sad. But for the moment, he is still very fit.

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