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Monthly Archives: December 1999

Saw J— for maybe the…  §

Saw J— for maybe the last time ever today — we finished our “exchange of stuff” between living places. Everything is basically sorted out now, and there is no practical reason for us to ever have to have contact again.

Saw the movie “Happy Texas”…  §

Saw the movie “Happy Texas” and was strangely calmed by it. Who knows?

Carlos, my oldest friend, gets…  §

Carlos, my oldest friend, gets into town and tries to cheer me up a little. Doesn’t really work, but I get some Guiness out of the deal.

Revamped some of the home…  §

Revamped some of the home page. Been working on it for a few days now while I’m coughing my lungs out and missing, hating, and loving J— (all in her absence, of course). Pretty settled into bachelorhood by now, though.