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Monthly Archives: January 2000

Been working hard. 3 papers…  §

Been working hard. 3 papers down for the semester. Papers remaining before I get my grades: 12. No joke. And, I’m finally getting around to doing a little tidying. It’s been a while (basically, since J— left) and I’m in danger of turning into a slob. Working on it.

18 hours is proving to…  §

18 hours is proving to be too much for me. I’ve got so much reading to do, it eats up every last bit of time I have. Not good, and bad for social prospects as well. I drop the 5000-level class, brining my total down to 15 hours, but it’s still a lot. Three outstanding papers right now which are due roundabout next week, plus about 400 pages of reading to do, most of it very dense and academic. My brain will now instantly fry. It’s an amazing thing to see. Meanwhile, I get taken to task for the first time ever for being too wishy-washy… It’s interesting but not all bad — a change from always being told I’m too loud and odd. Inconsistency, thy name is apparently Aron! And now, back to reading.

I’m still having nightly bad…  §

I’m still having nightly bad dreams about relationships, which is very strange, because I never ever dream. But there it is. Here’s hoping that someday I get a good night’s sleep again. J—, you stole my ability to sleep well! *sigh* Back to bed for me.

Las Vegas.  §

Got my car back… Flew to Las Vegas Wednesday afternoon and was back by 11:30 in the evening. Forgot my faceplate, though, so I had to drive all that way in silence — no CDs or radio. Meanwhile, the current two trakcs that I listen to over and over: “High Life” by Counting Crows and “John I Love You” by Sinead O’Connor.

There are moments when the…  §

There are moments when the pain is still quite incredible. This morning, I very much miss laying on the edge of the old bed-on-the-floor, watching television, and petting Buster (the other cat that she now has). I want to feed the fish (which she now has) and go and raid what used to be my fridge for a drink. Of course, I miss J— being there, too. It’s very sad — whatever happened to my life?

I don’t get the flight…  §

I don’t get the flight that I needed to get, because I tried to standby it and it turned out to be oversold anyway. So, I’m still in SLC. Next soonest attempt opportunity: Wednesday, it looks like. Meanwhile, I was supposed to go out with my sister tonight for her birthday, but it’s a raincheck there, too, since we couldn’t get last-minute tickets for a play at Hale Theater. Uh-oh! A night with nothing to do! I dye my hair a nice, bright red, have a fizzy mineral water, and watch some television. Oh yes, there is also a slight homepage update.

Volvo of Las Vegas calls…  §

Volvo of Las Vegas calls to say that my car is fixed. This means that I will likely be catching a flight from Salt Lake City to Vegas on Saturday and then driving back. Life is nuts. I still have nothing special to do most evenings, and it’s driving me nuts. Kathy, call me and we’ll do coffee! You too, Stephanie! Brandi, get your ass up here to Salt Lake City and see me. Josh, I’m coming over to help you fix your car.

Spring semester 2000 begins.  §

I start class for Spring semester 2000 at the University of Utah. I am taking 18 hours, the most I’ve ever attempted at once, but since I have so little to do now, I don’t worry about it too much. I need to find myself a new place to live, so that I’m not stuck here with my parents all the time.

I leave for Salt Lake…  §

I leave for Salt Lake City again. Unfortunately, I try driving through Death Valley at about 100 miles per hour, and my transmission goes up the spout. I am left stranded in the middle of the desert. $400 and a 2-hour tow later, I am in Las Vegas and catching a flight back to Salt Lake City for class, which starts the next day.

I leave for Los Angeles…  §

I leave for Los Angeles in my car to greet an old friend who is returning from a Mormon mission to Lithuania. I’m not religious myself, but it’s still cool that he spent 2 years in Lithuania. I end up spending all day trying to find his house, driving around Inglewood!

New millenium, new life.  §

“Welcome,” I said to myself, “to the next thousand years.” How did I spend it? Well, I was with some friends for a while doing the whole T.V. thing that too many people do but don’t admit to, but at the last moment, I decided to be by myself. I drove to the engineering parking lot at the University of Utah which overlooks Salt Lake City and stood in the fog alone and toasted memories, myself, and the future. It was good for a cry and good in general, and I’m glad I spent the moment of moments like I did.