Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Back I am. Wow! Three…  §

Back I am. Wow! Three thousand miles in slightly less than a week — no joke. Portland is smaller than I thought, Seattle is dirtier than I thought, and Vancouver, British Columbia is like visiting the future. Overall, I enjoyed Vancouver the most — and think it wouldn’t be half bad to actually live and work there. It’s the most amazing place; it’s very cosmopolitan, very clean, and everything (drinking fountains, street lights, door knobs and so on) works, something you don’t really think of as being possible when you live in a U.S. city. What’s more, the exchange rate was favorable enough to give a good shopping experience… The other thing I learned as I hit and drove through the Ogden/SLC/Provo metro area along I-15 on the way back — the Salt Lake City metropolitan area is really bigger than I tend to remember.

I already miss the ocean.

My love affair with The Jesus and Mary Chain is back! I bought Munki along the way and started to want Automatic but couldn’t find it easily in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, or Boise. So, I just listened to Munki all trip and then when I got back, I stepped in to Modified to find… Automatic! I forgot just how cool 1989 was, and just how great Automatic is, and just how heavily my Jesus and Mary Chain discs used to get spun. Straight ahead guitar and hooks, hooks, hooks, baby! *laugh* I’m going to go listen to it right now while I dream of a life on waterfront…

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