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Hey, hey. I’ve registered a…  §

Hey, hey. I’ve registered a domain name. We’ll see if I can turn a hobby into a business and have some dot-com fun while I’m at it. Sometime in the next couple of weeks, I’ll put the information here and everybody can find out what dot-com I own.

Going to class is getting to be a real drag. Thankfully, the semster is almost over (only four weeks to go), but I’m still not happy about school in general. I’ve got an entire year still to go after this semester before I finally graduate with an English degree. That though makes me spew four letter words like nobody’s business — a bad sign. One ought to enjoy what one studies. Trouble is, I don’t think I’m a white collar guy. All of the careers that sound interesting to me — things like hauling nets on a fishing boat or washing windows against tall buildings — are considered blue collar work and don’t have anything to do with college. Chances are, once I get my degree, I’ll just go and work some union job anyway. It’s just more me.

What I really need to do is get a life. Do something really interesting. That will probably take the form of volunteerism or internship somewhere or in some way. Right now, I’m thinking about the peace corps, too, though I’d have to graduate first *grr* and all. I still don’t want to be just a “normal guy” with a “normal job” or whatever. Life is very, very short… Why be average for most of it unless you absolutely have to?

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