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Monthly Archives: May 2000

Just (finally) sent in the…  §

Just (finally) sent in the proposal for my next book, which I’ve been working on for several days but thinking about for quite a while. Keeping fingers crossed… I should know within a few days whether this project will fly or not. Class is going well and is surprisingly less intense than class last semester, mainly due to the absence of the endless march of tests and quizzes that characterized last semester’s list of classes. There are only 10 weeks to summer semester! And we’re on week 3 already! Woah.

I spent the evening going…  §

I spent the evening going through my old files and organizing them. I created a lovely new directory called “Broken Dreams” in my home directory and had a good depress over things. I also found a couple of bonuses: a poem I’d forgotten I’d written (which wasn’t stored with the rest) and a rather good short story that I didn’t remember at all.

By the way, thanks, Tona, for listening to me.

Dark days. Summer semester begins.  §

I’m taking summer classes (15 hours, no longer 18, as had been previously reported to some) in order to graduate and get out of here more quickly. I must complete this infantile stage of my life and move on to graduate school somewhere outside Utah. There is no alternative, short of violent insanity.

For those who try to talk to me sometimes, this semester will be more insane than the last, even. My average course difficulty last semester was 3129, or for those of you who are in “hundreds” schools, 313, which is your basic junior level. My average course difficulty this semester is 4341 (or 434 for those in the hundreds) which places me solidly into the senior level classes, and I have one more class than I did last semester. I also have three graduate-level classes (5000 or above) to complete this summer, and the semester covers the same amount of material as a normal semester, but does it in 2.5 months instead of 4. This is going to be interesting, but if all goes well, it means that I will graduate in Spring, 2001, or if I decide to double up my major with both English and Anthropology, Summer, 2001.

I hate American culture. Take me away from here, somebody. I may be a leftover Marxist… I hate capitalism, sensationalism, egocentrism, ethocentrism, racketeering, uncountable numbers of sexual partners notched into every single bedpost, and the endless crowds of drugged-out continuously boffing kids in my own and the younger generations who seem never to have heard of the 1970’s and how stupid everyone felt afterward.

Spring semester ends.  §

All finals taken. *gurgle* I’ve spent the last week catching up on all the stuff that went to hell for the last two weeks of the semester. I cleaned my car out, fixed a couple of things, did my laundry, caught up on some work, responded to some (but not by any means all) of my e-mail. Now I’m trying to figure out where to go from here. It looks like I’m going to be a double major — English and Anthropology. And what for grad school? Maybe CS or maybe Architecture or maybe Communications. Who the hell knows? Life is funny, isn’t it? What will the summer bring? Isn’t it delicious not knowing? I don’t understand women. I hate Marilyn Monroe.

I also hate the sushi girls. Why does the world have to be this way? *sigh* No vacation (no money) and that’s how it’s going to stay for a while. So, I’m going to go into permanent kill myself mode. I’m going to graduate in 2001 or my name isn’t the King of Cao Dai. Well… 3:19 AM. Been playing Omikron for a few hours. I can’t look at Poe or at Shelley. Off to bed, where (as we all know) the wild things are.