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Monthly Archives: July 2000

Okay, two long finals and…  §

Okay, two long finals and one long paper done, now one long paper, one movie and one long final to go before I am free for (what’s left of) the summer. I’ve spent the day reading about Palestinian women in the PLO and other nationalist groups. Fascinating stuff. On a lighter note, I finally found a place that carries Twinnings so now I can have my tea again.

End game. Two meetings left…  §

End game. Two meetings left in all classes before the semester is over. The scary thing is that a large chunk of work still needs to be done. This weekend, I have two long finals, three term papers, two revisions and one film to complete. Then, there will be more finals next week. Urgh.

I want to go purple. I’m tired of red.

I bought a chair. Very…  §

I bought a chair. Very good.

Other stuff? I discovered thursday that a girl who had a large influence on me when I was younger has been around for the last few weeks right under my nose, but I didn’t recognize her. Now I’m trying to decide whether to let sleeping dogs lie or to kick them senseless. It’s always so hard to figure this stuff out. God, human relationships are complex and frustrating. I guess I’ll just hang tight until I figure it out. (This will, of course, never happen.)

Carlos! David! I miss you guys.

As everyone knows, it’s when…  §

As everyone knows, it’s when the dreaming stops that you’re really in trouble.

I have entered musical nirvana….  §

I have entered musical nirvana. It’s back to basics week, I suppose, because I went out this morning and bought Black Flag, Beastie Boys, more Rollins Band, and the two latest from Einstuerzende Neubauten. Blixa is the uebergenius of all time. I had forgotten…

Ever try to spend a…  §

Ever try to spend a day hanging out with somebody you’re trying not to open up to, because you’re also trying not to like them too much? I have. It turns you into a special sort of idiot. Life is an interesting thing and I can’t quite wrap my head around it. So nothing’s new, really.

Got paid, went shopping. Nuclear read hair dye, a 19″ monitor, and the latest from Rollins Band. Spent the entire day cycling around the city. Now I’m sitting here, pounding on my home page with my lovely new monitor, wondering whether or not I’ll be able to get any frames with a Voodoo3 at 1600×1200 (I’m thinking not) and listening to the band. Was going to get Henry’s first w/Black Flag instead, but the latest single is a guilty pleasure. Yes, I buy for the single sometimes. All right, shut up.

I also had this huge fight with Kara and my mother when I heard that they evicted one of their roommates. I maintain that it was because she was black and Jamaican and didn’t quite look like a Mormon person was “supposed” to, while Kara maintains that it was because she is a “slut bitch from hell” for no obvious reason. In the end, it turned into an argument about Mormons (i.e. mom) vs. beer (i.e. me), so it was a loss as a discussion.

Went to afternoon mass today….  §

Went to afternoon mass today. No, I’m not Catholic. Why did I go? Various reasons. It was pretty intense. The cathedral in downtown Salt Lake City is beautiful! I hadn’t been inside since the restoration. School tomorrow after an entire week of none promises to completely kick my ass. I don’t want to go back. I hate school. Of course, just about everybody I know in the state of Utah I know from school, so it’s an interesting personal paradox — social interaction vs. depression caused by professors and endless coffee to keep me awake while they drone on.

Got a car wash. Every time I wash my car, I say “God, that’s a clean car.” Stupid, you say? *shrug* It’s clean. What do you want?

For the fourth? Not much. What does everybody do? Stay home and grill. Actually, I did a little more than that. I put a bench under a tree and hung a windchime next to it, built an indoor decorative fountain out of spare parts and had some Guinness and blew some stuff up in true American fashion. Yeah, yeah, so I’m a little lethargic right now. Homework’ll do that to a man. Shit, am I a man? 24. I guess so. Damn. I have to go now.

In a moment of reflection,…  §

In a moment of reflection, I downloaded the music for November Rain and played it… and sobbed uncontrollably. Probably the saddest and most beautiful song ever written. I’m moving it up a couple of notches in my favorite songs of all time list, as soon as I can see straight again. Somebody find me a life, please?

Going well. I’m whistling. All…  §

Going well. I’m whistling. All midterm essays done, including the six essays for graduate classes. Only two days of bloody hell were required — oh yes, and a few pints of stout, one of which I blew up accidentally, making me smell like a drunken college student rather than just a tired college student. I don’t envy the professors and all of the reading they’re about to do. Next school tasks: abstract for the longish term paper in Anthroplogy 5131, papers in the realm of human evolution for another anthropology class, and a semiotically persuasive visual production for English 5970. The abstract and the visual production are due in like a minute or two when I return to class Thursday. Shit. Back on the chain gang…

I was talking thursday to a cool girl called Juliet who very kindly pays attention to me sometimes, and she gave me the niftiest model for international travel — the finger method. (Hmmm…) Where was I? Oh yes. Close your eyes and stick your finger against a world map or a globe. Have your favorite traveling partner do the same. Then, argue about which of the two places you’ll visit. She got to Malaysia this way, and it seems like one of the best plans I’ve heard.

Other stuff… I sat up and listened to Core the other day and was floored. I had forgotten how good it was, esp. the singles — you know, Sex Type Thing and Plush and all. Damn, STP are good. Next music purchases as soon as I get paid will be: Black Flag and Rollins Band. I miss you, Henry! I’m trying to decide whether or not I should start cycling to school every day again in earnest instead of just every now and then. On the one hand, I enjoy it, and it’s good for me, but on the other hand, it makes me stink in class, which can sometimes be hilarious, but which is other times not good for socializing. Still haven’t returned my application for graduation. Damn. Guiness is over $1.50 a can, while Murphy’s is less than $0.50 a can. Damn. Well, don’t let me keep you…