Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Ever try to spend a…  §

Ever try to spend a day hanging out with somebody you’re trying not to open up to, because you’re also trying not to like them too much? I have. It turns you into a special sort of idiot. Life is an interesting thing and I can’t quite wrap my head around it. So nothing’s new, really.

Got paid, went shopping. Nuclear read hair dye, a 19″ monitor, and the latest from Rollins Band. Spent the entire day cycling around the city. Now I’m sitting here, pounding on my home page with my lovely new monitor, wondering whether or not I’ll be able to get any frames with a Voodoo3 at 1600×1200 (I’m thinking not) and listening to the band. Was going to get Henry’s first w/Black Flag instead, but the latest single is a guilty pleasure. Yes, I buy for the single sometimes. All right, shut up.

I also had this huge fight with Kara and my mother when I heard that they evicted one of their roommates. I maintain that it was because she was black and Jamaican and didn’t quite look like a Mormon person was “supposed” to, while Kara maintains that it was because she is a “slut bitch from hell” for no obvious reason. In the end, it turned into an argument about Mormons (i.e. mom) vs. beer (i.e. me), so it was a loss as a discussion.

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