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Monthly Archives: August 2000

My lovely car is having…  §

My lovely car is having some trouble. It used to always want to go 100+ miles per hour, but last week or so I can’t even push it past 60 on the freeway if I floor it. I don’t know why… I’m not some kind of crazy mechanic. I’ve got a book and I’ll be dicking around with it all weekend.

Went to some kind of a hang out deal with some relatives and displayed my lack of skill at sports and outdoor eating. I’ve got to get this new page online.

Fall semester begins.  §

Classes have started. I am taking another pair of classes at the 5000 level, one a film course and the other a theory course with Potolsky, whose intellectual quickness I find infectious. I am also taking some advanced German, so I have checked out Kafkas Romanen and will attempt to read them in order to brush up on vocabulary.

Work on the new home page is going slower than I expected, mainly because I am such a perfectionist. I worked all evening on a single page of content tonight. The images and javascript were the easy part; the content is what is time-consuming. Oh well. At least things are still progressing.

I am thinking about selling my car. I am completely broke. I have a girl that I kissed under odd circumstances in spring semester in one of my classes this semester and it’s odd for me. I have to read some Plato now.

Vote?  §

Someone asked me whether I will vote. Vote? You must be joking. Why would I want to involve myself in this game of idiots and mercenaries? The American public is a collective of conceited fools who lack any education whatsoever. Few of them are capable of understanding even a tiny percentage of the socioeconomic geodynamic which drives the process on the national and supermational level and the degree to which it is all completey false, at least as portrayed to the populous.

I refuse to participate in this American sham or to associate myself with the population of this country, the vast majority of whom are sheep-like, self-important assholes who lack any grounding in either classical or modern education, even after they have gone to college.

Gore, Bush, Buchanan, and Nader are identical and the office of president is fundamentally impotent. Anyone who does not understand this has bought the grand illusion and should feel like an idiot. First chance I get, I’m leaving this country for somewhere where I can be beaten down and tortured in utter and unfair pain, but at least do it alongside useful people for a worthy cause!

Best semester ever!  §

My god, I just got my grades for summer semester 2000, the most difficult semester I’ve ever attempted, with three graduate classes and an additional upper division class in addition to a little lower division diversion. The long and short of it is that I got a straight 4.0 average. I am now a master.

This new site is taking longer to assemble than I thought it would. This may be because I’m a little dull. (As evidence, see the 4.0 news in the previous paragraph.)

A new home page appears.  §

Have been working on this new home page every evening for a couple of days now. With any luck, it will be completely together, up and running before class begins again on the 23rd.

I sent off about $2,000 worth of bill payments today. It makes my teeth and kneecaps ache to see that much money thrown into the shredder. My debt load is still well over $8000 so it doesn’t help all that much. Writing my next book should help a little, but then I’ll owe taxes on that, so I’ll be right back in debt again.

Life can suck something really huge.

Another book project begins.  §

I have just received word that my next book project is a go so I’m now (at least for a moment) a working author again. Nifty.

Summer semester ends.  §

I AM DONE WITH SUMMER SEMESTER. As far as I know, I’ve passed all of my classes with grades high enough to get credit for them. I completed five classes, four of them upper-division, three of them graduate-level for a total of sixteen semester hours. I have learned an incredible amount. I have seen things that I never dreamed I’d see. YOL. Well… I must now take a nap before I reply to all of the e-mail I have that I haven’t answered yet.