Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Vote?  §

Someone asked me whether I will vote. Vote? You must be joking. Why would I want to involve myself in this game of idiots and mercenaries? The American public is a collective of conceited fools who lack any education whatsoever. Few of them are capable of understanding even a tiny percentage of the socioeconomic geodynamic which drives the process on the national and supermational level and the degree to which it is all completey false, at least as portrayed to the populous.

I refuse to participate in this American sham or to associate myself with the population of this country, the vast majority of whom are sheep-like, self-important assholes who lack any grounding in either classical or modern education, even after they have gone to college.

Gore, Bush, Buchanan, and Nader are identical and the office of president is fundamentally impotent. Anyone who does not understand this has bought the grand illusion and should feel like an idiot. First chance I get, I’m leaving this country for somewhere where I can be beaten down and tortured in utter and unfair pain, but at least do it alongside useful people for a worthy cause!

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