Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Fall semester begins.  §

Classes have started. I am taking another pair of classes at the 5000 level, one a film course and the other a theory course with Potolsky, whose intellectual quickness I find infectious. I am also taking some advanced German, so I have checked out Kafkas Romanen and will attempt to read them in order to brush up on vocabulary.

Work on the new home page is going slower than I expected, mainly because I am such a perfectionist. I worked all evening on a single page of content tonight. The images and javascript were the easy part; the content is what is time-consuming. Oh well. At least things are still progressing.

I am thinking about selling my car. I am completely broke. I have a girl that I kissed under odd circumstances in spring semester in one of my classes this semester and it’s odd for me. I have to read some Plato now.

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