Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

One more sub-page created. This…  §

One more sub-page created. This thing is gradually taking shape.

I’m a little depressed. For some reason, I’m more isolated at school this semester. It’s a kind of circumstantial serendipity, you know? I’m not the sort that gets along with everyone equally well — I’m just not. So sometimes, people who I can be comfortable with are coming out of the woordwork at me. At other times, nobody I can stand is anywhere nearby. Why is this?

My car still isn’t running. I think that I’ve got some kind of backpressure in the exhaust… But I’m no mechanic. What the hell do I know? Anyway, got a check now so maybe soon I can drive again. Paychecks are getting smaller, though. Shit.

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