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Death and taxes.  §


I just got called by the State of Utah about taxes. They’re preparing to place a lein against the (relatively few) posessions that I have. Of course, I can’t help them out because I’m already totally maxed by my monthly federal payments toward the much larger IRS bill.

To make matters worse, they STILL didn’t figure out (after I’ve notified them once per year) that my business is CLOSED (as of 1995) and that I have NOT been collecting sales tax from ongoing business sales, so they’ve prepared a lovely little Utah State Sales Tax estimated business taxes owed number for me as well.

Plus, I just heard from the mechanic. Nothing much is wrong with my car; a new catalytic converter is what it needs. Now, if I’d been smart and bought a smallish Volkswagen Rabbit, that particular chunk of the exhaust system would only cost me $100 or so. But because I bought a Volvo, I’m going to have to pay $900 plus labor to have the damn thing stuck on, or risk going to an aftermarket shop like Midas and having them hack away at my car.

AND WHAT ABOUT THAT ULCER?! (you’re asking)

Well, I feel like shit.

At the hospital a couple of days ago, they had me mainlining narcotics, and that felt pretty good actually, but now I’m supposed to be taking this other drug that is beating me down — I have the most incredible headache, light sensitivity, dizziness and the whole bit. How the hell am I supposed to go to school AND handle all of these God damn problems like this?

But what really pisses me off is that I can’t call and talk to anybody about the medication. The doctor won’t talk. The nurses won’t talk. Even the pharmacist won’t talk. They all want me to come back into the hospital and pay loads and loads more cash so that they can do absolutely nothing and spend a total of 30 seconds writing out a different prescription. Bollocks. I can’t afford it anyway. I’ll just cut the pills and see if I die. Carpe diem!

Any doctor that won’t even talk to you on the phone isn’t worth much.

Meanwhile… Thanks, Carlos for sending me that stuff. It’s pretty damn nifty, and the only good news I’ve had in a while.

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