Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Semester’s first paper.  §

First paper of the semester out of the way. ‘Twas for English 5950 and was an examination of the way in which Schiller’s unity of sense and form in play is analagous to reconciliation between infancy and death in the adult human. I can prove anything to be true, not matter how much utter shit it is. That is the skill I have learned in college.

I have begun collecting artifacts from the former USSR. It makes me sad in a very strange way to realize that there will never be a USSR again — I grew up with it, and for me the world is still strange without it. My first piece is a Soviet war medal — Order of the Red Star. Beautiful. I want a few more, and a flag, and a lovely vodka flask with a hammer and sickle. Maybe I’ll even keep vodka in it? I don’t know. What good is vodka when it wasn’t made in the USSR?

Got some new CDs coming. Suzanne Vega, Luscious Jackson… Also a couple of Public Enemy CDs on the way. I grew up with this stuff… I couldn’t wait any longer so I got on (ahem)ster today and downloaded 911 Is a Joke from Fear of a Black Planet. Too much fun. Too much. I was completely groovin’, knocking things over and spraining all kinds of things (hey, I’m an old man now)… until I had to start my paper.

I’m done now, though. Flavor Flav, here I come…

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