Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Utah tax commission does it again.  §

I’m supposed to be making tax payments (there is a due date!) but the stinking Utah State Tax Commission hasn’t sent me my paperwork yet. Do I get penalized if they botch it? Probably. I hate this state and this country.

Risky writing workshop today, but it went better than I had expected. I pulled something incredibly pretentious out of my hat, which is always dangerous, but it went well. I’m happy about this. I’m less happy about my nonfiction writing right now, which is proceeding more slowly. Shit.

On another note, some of the sub-pages in various parts of this site are starting to show up now. Only three of the 29 most important, but that’s a start. My goal is to have every internal link working (i.e. all pages made) by the new year. Anybody with suggestions is free to e-mail me and convey them.

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