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Split vote!  §

So many people are complaining about the electoral college at this point that we will probably loose it. Polling shows that it will likely be eliminated via a constitutional amendment.

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand that it has actually performed correctly, just as the founding fathers intended. Notice that most of the states (30 of them) went Bush, though many of the big states (New York, California, etc.) went Gore. The founding fathers put the electoral college in place to ensure that the smaller states would be heard rather than simply being rolled over by the big states.

If we elect purely on popular vote rather than on electoral vote, the voice of a small state like Montana will never matter again, because the vote power of the huge population in California will completely overshadow it. Of course, the problem here is that most of the population in these big states will now be very upset that their candidate has lost and will probably have enough votes in congress to amend the constitution to give themselves more power!

This is not what the founding fathers wanted, despite what the news media are pushing.

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