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Democracy?  §

“The voice of the people.”

“The voice of the people.”

“The voice of the people.”

Has anyone noticed that we are sounding an awful lot like communist China or Soviet Russia again? And our transition of power is looking about as shaky, too. Until now, I’ve been neutral because no party had pissed me off enough to cause me to support the other, but that has now changed. The Democratic party has pissed me off now, especially if America suffers a revolution because of this.

(Think it’s not possible? Watch.)

What do they think this is? The eastern bloc? Keep recounting and voting and buying people off until the “right” man is elected and “the voice of the people” has spoken? Nader is right, this whole damn thing is corrupt.

I’m a minority officially. But I’m on the verge of hating minorities because they hate white people so much and the government so much that they are about to start a race war and a political revolution just to make their point. Who do they think they are?

Plus, it makes me laugh that Clinton and Gore, two men who desperately want to be remembered by history in the presidential context, will probably go down in history as the president/vice president pair responsible for two of the three largest constitutional crises of the last hundred years.

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