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Thanksgiving day. I went with…  §

Thanksgiving day. I went with my family to visit my mother’s brother a few cities to the south. I spent a full three hours arguing with him about politics and religion and only afterward found out that everyone in the house was hiding in another room together because they didn’t want to be dragged into the fight. It’s good for a laugh.

Now I’ve spent most of the night working on my system. I’ve been bitten by the Athlon power requirements problem. My system’s been unstable since adding 256MB memory and moving to a server case a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been re-arranging PCI cards, adjusting BIOS and core voltage settings and moving and removing memory modules for hours, but I could always get a hard lock with heavy AGP activity.

Finally, in desperation, I dropped the 400 watt power supply out of the new case and tossed in the 400 watt power supply from my old tower case. Voila. No hard locks. That makes two out of my last three power supplies that my Athlon couldn’t cook with. Hungry chip.

So now, I’m watching election coverage in the wee hours and having a turkey sandwich. It’s late November — time to do such things. Stable system again, no school tomorrow, trunk full of turkey, neon flashing on the wall… life is good. Ahhhhhh…

I know. I’m going to hit Napster for a minute and grab We Can Work It Out by The Beatles. Perfect. Got to go.

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