Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

If Bush and Gore hadn’t…  §

If Bush and Gore hadn’t ****ed up this whole election thing, I’d be getting better grades this semester. Instead, I ought to be getting a law degree. But I’m not. Maybe I will, though, if this stuff is so interesting to me. Odd thought… Aron as a lawyer.

Nothing is as seductive as a pint.

Considering my book project and my homework combined, I have to generate 250 pages of original, academic-style writing before Christmas. Holy shit… I will never survive this. If I survive this, I will have soooo much respect for myself… If I don’t, I’ll have to rethink some things.

Still haven’t been paid. !@#$@#($*.

As soon as I get paid and pay the feds and the banks and the state and the mechanic and buy my gifts for everybody, I’m going to buy myself a Voodoo5 and two incarnations of Baldur’s Gate because AD&D games are too cool and NetHack is too hard for me these days.

I love Sinead O’Connor. Madonna is a whore.

And so ends the diary omnibus. Amen.

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