Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Later, kicking back with the White Rabbit  §

I call this track the “domestic problems” song, spinning tonight for all you lonely people. Open up that jar and grab your umbrella, because it’s going to pour on the way to the church!

Women don’t care if any certain guy has never hit or or been violent in any way with a woman. Women claim to hate violent men, but they don’t — they couldn’t care less. The same women don’t care whether a guy is faithful or not. Women don’t care whether a guy is nice, polite, thoughful… Women don’t care whether a guy is intelligent or not. It doesn’t matter to a woman that a guy loves her or doesn’t — she isn’t interested even if it is only seeing her every day that makes his life worth living. Two things are important to women: is he cute and exciting enough to ride, and will he buy me good stuff?

This is why men marry housewives, not women; housewives enjoy peace, fidelity, manners, consideration and love… Unfortunately, housewives also tend to be gender neutral, and are therefore almost more accurately described as house-keepers; a woman on the side, just for light use a little now and then, may be of some help once a man is corrupted — once he has become disillusioned and hateful…

Or maybe it would be nice for a man to have a Venus of his very own, to be “domestic” with; after some time, his conscience could be freed of all of these preconsciously hated domestics. His primal self, oily and twisted, would gleefully emerge beneath the heavy stone. In a sudden reversal, Venus would be voraciously consumed. Isn’t it beautiful?

Shall I belong to one man whom I don’t love, merely because I have once loved him?

I think yes.

Because you will go on about the consequences, won’t you! Just what do you think you create? Try, then, to claim the right you seem to claim — the right to unapologetic amorality — or even to hateful amorality — and see where it gets you!

Rivets, I tell you! Rivets!

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