Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

First final paper  §

First of the finals is out of the way. Two more major events to go and the semester is over for me. Then I can settle down and play games.

Now I’ve had time to really go at it with my Voodoo5, and it’s a keeper. In the last two months, I also bought a Radeon DDR and a Geforce, but I returned them both in turn within about two days of purchase because my Voodoo3 had generally better image quality, especially in Glide-capable games. Compared to my Voodoo3, the GF2 and the Radeon looked like total shit in Unreal, Deus Ex and Wheel of Time. Not to mention the fact that some Glide games (Ultima IX, Deus Ex) totally broght the DirectX cards (GF2, Radeon) to their knees with all settings maxed, while the Voodoo5 looks much better and gets 30+ frames thanks to glide.

I’m not an FPS demon. I’m satisfied with 30 frames. And I’m satisfied with my Voodoo5. I’ve spent all night playing Sacrifice at 1024×768 with 32-bit textures and 2x FSAA enabled. And it’s beautiful. Long live 3dfx.

Bloody 3D titles. The ultimate semester-end stress relief.

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