Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I’m way behind schedule. Shit….  §

I’m way behind schedule. Shit. Working hard, but I’m trying to balance too many things right now. I need to work all day tomorrow, too, but I also have an errands list — go and pay off my tuition bill, go and buy cat food, go and get my car safety inspected and pay my @#($%* taxes… Damn, damn, damn.

Got NYC Ghosts & Flowers yesterday. Free City Rhymes may be the perfect Sonic Youth song, if such a thing has ever existed. If it weren’t for Small Flowers Crack Concrete, I might call this the perfect Sonic Youth disc. The day such a disc is finally released, I will lay down and die happy. Until then, NYC etc. is good enough for me.

Picked up a series of Micropolis Ultra-Wide 9.1GB drives that I’m going to RAID-0 over the Christmas weekend. This ought to be fun as hell. I have dual BT-958’s, so I’m hoping I can wire two up to each and pull about 50MB/sec continuous throughput from my root filesystem. Combine that with 512 megabytes PC133 that Linux can use as buffer cache in the VM system, and I’ll have a throughput monster. I should be able to do video editing at SVHS res with my eyes closed. Yes. Tech gibberish.

Back to work.

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