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I’m taking up running, with…  §

I’m taking up running, with the goal of finishing a marathon sometime in the next five years. Can’t be too bad for me… I feel like some kind of middle-class asshole in running shoes and track clothes, though. Oh well… I suppose the older you get, the closer you get to middle-class asshole.

I also registered for Spring 2001 after all. I will be taking my last three required classes as well as two additional Anthropology courses in archaeology and pharonic Egypt. We’ll see if I ever use that stuff… But who knows?

Got to get a DVD player so that I can finally start my video collection. I have a whole list of films that I want to own, but I don’t feel like blowing cash out my ass by buying VHS only to watch them become obsolete when I buy a DVD player. Even more importantly, VHS wears out too damn fast.

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