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Monthly Archives: January 2001

Could you take my picture?…  §

Could you take my picture?

’cause I won’t remember…

Just uploaded my last article…  §

Just uploaded my last article to Focus On Linux. As of tomorrow, my tenure as Linux guide is over.

As if that weren’t enough to make one a little queasy, there’s this whole oil spill in the Galapagos thing. Now there’s the ultimate sick feeling in the pit of one’s stomach… I can’t really bear to imagine it.

I’m thinking there’s a very fine line between “sass” and overcompensation.

Adding a few things to…  §

Adding a few things to the site here and there… Hopefully I finally fixed the *#&%)(*$ broken colors in Internet Explorer, which ignores some CSS style elements. Also, I tried to improve the randomness of the image selector so that it’s less… repetetive.

Interesting to be working on some Web stuff again.

“I sometimes think of what future historians will say of us. A single sentence will suffice for modern man: he fornicated and read the papers.”

I bought all eight volumes…  §

I bought all eight volumes of Proust (Remembrance of Things Past) today. A new adventure…

Some days, I am amoral and antisocial and I frighten myself, like I might be dangerous, but I won’t realize it until a moment too late… And then, I wonder if I will ever be normal again, or if such a suddenly transparent moment marks a new epoch for me which ends with death or prison or…

And then, the next day I wake up, shave, shower, etc… Like always.

100% of the book submitted…  §

100% of the book submitted to the publisher. All writing done.

I am going to bed.

Close, but no cigar (yet)….  §

Close, but no cigar (yet). Work on front matter and such is starting.

There is a beautiful polish archaeologist teaching my Anthropology class on the pre-Pharonic and Pharonic eras in Egypt. She is a hardcore academic. Yow.

I am, I am, I am.


No… I wonder. Why did she have to turn into her mother? Every now and then, I can’t help but wonder why. I guess I’ll always wonder.

Ugh, still behind schedule. I…  §

Ugh, still behind schedule. I am going to have to move some serious ass to get this thing done on time. Especially over next weekend.

Working hard on the book….  §

Working hard on the book. I got a little sick over the holidays (not enough sleep, too much candy, shitty air, etc.) and it got delayed, but my lovely editor gave me a break… New 100% deadline is the 15th of January. Eight chapters and five appendices to finish. Yeesh.

School starts tomorrow. 10:45. Ugh. Bright side: last semester!

Went tonight and bought a couple very nice Jazz discs… Coltrane and Thelonius Monk to be exact. Jazz is good music to work by… It makes the brain cells swirl in the most incredibly thought-enhancing fashion. I need to get some Billie Holiday. Yeah…

I need more memory for my laptop. It’s a swap-hater’s hell over here. I just realized I haven’t called Amy yet. I have turned my hair a kind of two-tone red and black. My boots are wearing out. I have had too much tea today. My head is swimming just a little from all of the caffiene and tannin. I changed Quincy’s box. I watched The Commitments. I need another hi-liter because I lost my last one and I use it to mark off progress on my work. Nothing is really done until I can hi-lite it away.

I have resigned at About.com; my last day will be the 23rd of January. I don’t know what I’m going to do for work next, but it’s time to move on to other stuff, like grad school.


Tykwer.  §

Run Lola Run makes me happy. Sexiest movie I’ve ever seen. Impossible not to smile through this film. Get the original German with subtitles so that you can hear her voice properly! If you get VHS, don’t waste your money on the English overdub, you’ll miss half the fun! DVD has both versions.

Bought statues of Thoth and Anibus, just for fun. I’ll toss up some pictures when I get the chance. I’ve adopted Thoth as my “patron saint” if you will. One has to latch on to some aspect of history, just for fun…

I’ve seen things you people…  §

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion…I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser gate…

All those moments will be lost in time…like tears…in the rain…