Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Aron learns to master VideoCDs.  §

I’ve been working for about two weeks now to perfect the process of making ‘Super VideoCD’ disks with the intent of copying important things to CD for my DVD player. First bit of mastered film: me and my family in San Francisco during the closing months of 1986. Next videos to be mastered to disk: my Fawlty Towers box set. No joke.

Tip for anyone making VideoCDs… See, I could never get a good image. It took me about 60 burns, but I finally found the answer. Use VirtualDub and Tsunami for NTSC SVCD. But be sure to re-render input AVIs in VirtualDub with the following four filters: deinterlace , resize to 480×480 , sharpen [40-50] and dynamic noise reduction [16 or so]. Then encode with Tsunami for interlaced NTSC with block softening of 60 or so. Complex and it makes for a film-like result instead of a TV-like result, but it works and image quality is good.

Yeah, yeah, tech shit again. Only it’s getting fun again, ’cause it’s not my job, dammit!

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