Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Had a very strange dream…  §

Had a very strange dream about Jennie last night. She’d moved to London (!?) and I flew over to visit her for old times’ sake after she’d bugged me by telephone for a while to do so. So, after dropping the cash and flying there to see her at her work, she basically treats me like shit, not even really talking to me — until I’m tired of seeing her and thinking it’s time to go (happens pretty quick). So, I just grin, think about how badly she still acts, and start toward my rented car, but I get lost in her damn biology lab building and end up having to ask directions from these two guys with a cat. Because I’m wearing shorts , the cat scratches up my legs horribly. Even so, the guys turn out to be decent sorts and we go out for a drink and sing a few bar songs. The two guys ask me about my books and degree plans and later on tell me that they think Jennie’s pretty unstable and I’m lucky to be rid of her.

Interesting. If for no other reason, interesting because I almost never dream in any way that I remember later on.

Looked at Win4Lin and VMWare again last night. Looks like I’m going to be grabbing VMWare express. Why? VMWare will run both VirtualDub and Tsunami, while Win4Lin won’t. Sad, too, ’cause Win4Lin is much faster. I wish Wine was more ready or Plex86 was working at a reasonable level, or even better, that the authors of VirtualDub and Tsunami would release @(#*&^ Linux versions.

Oh well. That’s life.

Better go. Got a paper to write on Méerimée’s Lokis that’s due tomorrow. I hate school. I just want to play.

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