Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Not much is worse than…  §

Not much is worse than an asshole professor. I hand in a completed paper on time and what does he say? “Yeah right. Try coming to class for a change.” Before he even looks at it. I’m not 18 and clueless anymore; if I don’t come to class, I’ve decided not to come to class and that’s that. What’s more, I’m paying for this guy’s briefs when I write that tuition check. It’s my prerogative to use what I’ve bought or to waste it as I see fit. It’s his prerogative to give me the grade he thinks I deserve. Lack of manners, however, are not a part of the deal. He needs to shut up and get humble. The world is full of half-ass state school professors. There are more of them than there are really skilled mechanics.

After class , I yanked out my Thunderbird CPU and used the pencil-unlock trick to crank it to 950 MHz. Couldn’t get that last 50 to 1GHz, though, and I’m not hardcore enough to waste more time on it. Also tried running Sandra under VMware. Interesting results.

Green tea is good and Earl Grey tea is also good. So now at the grocer I find a box of “Earl Green” tea. What the hell!? I buy it and it’s actually very good, though it makes my head fall to one side each time I taste it…

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