Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

I’m so damn tired of…  §

I’m so damn tired of studying for this exam… As if I haven’t had enough Chaucer already in my educational life. *grrr*

Still, there are some moments:

Taak fir and beer in the derkeste hous
Betwixe this and the Mount of Caucasus
And lat men shette the dores and go thenne,
Yit wol the fir as faire lye and brenne
As twenty thousand men mighte it biholde:
His office natureel ay wol it holde,
Up peril of my lif, til that it die.
Heer may ye see wel how that genterye
Is nat annexed to possessioun,
Sith folk ne doon hir operacioun
Alway, as dooth the fir, lo, in his kinde.

Or is it just a lot of moralizing shit? I can never tell…

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