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Monthly Archives: March 2001

Harriet Wheeler… her voice is…  §

Harriet Wheeler… her voice is everything.

Another one of Aron’s pet…  §

Another one of Aron’s pet peeves: assholes who slow down to ten miles an hour fifteen blocks before they have to turn.

And a list… Things capitalism is responsible for: gluttony, anger, lust, envy, sloth, avarice and pride. Let the starving children choke on that!

Been playing around with the…  §

Been playing around with the MiniDisc player I picked up. Making up some discs for carrying around campus. MiniDisc beats the hell out of MP3 right now. Why? Because it sounds as good or better, but the media is way cheaper and more available. It’s like this:

32MB of SmartMedia = ~30 min. decent MP3 = $50.00-$60.00 per.
650MB of MiniDisc = ~74 min. CD-quality = $2.00 per.

So you can either pay about $2.00 per minute of MP3 storage with an MP3 player (which I have, but won’t be spending any more cash on) or around $0.03 per minute of CD-quality storage with a MiniDisc player. Ummm… Duh.

Not to mention that you can go and buy MiniDiscs in 3-packs at MediaPlay or Wal-Mart, while SmartMedia and CompactFlash cards for MP3 players are much harder to come by in the retail sector.

Why not just burn a few CDs for a portable CD player or a CD-MP3 player?

1. Skips. Lots, at least compared to mem-MP3 or MiniDisc.
2. Size. CDs are just too damn big to carry around.
3. Fragility. CDs scratch, bend, etc. too easily.

Apparently I’m now a music junkie in addition to a gaming junkie.

Time is passing.  §

Another semester is winding down. Finished my second pass of midterms and papers, meaning that basically finals are left. I may not graduate if I can’t get the money to pay my fucking tuition bill so that I can register for summer semester classes.

Money, money, MONEY.

I will rent my soul. Five days and five nights for $2.99. It will take me a while to pay the bill but I will probably get good action this way and the devil will have to pay me rent, rather than getting to own.

I am writing a paper….  §

I am writing a paper.

Ziggy played guitar.

New Coolpix 800 to replace…  §

New Coolpix 800 to replace the D-340R. The resolution is definitely higher (the Nikon is a 2.1 megapixel camera), but there is more chromatic aberration. Color is good. I’d like to have more compression options between 1:8 (fine) and 1:1 (uncompressed). I mean, a 1:4 mode would be nice! All in all, a reasonable upgrade.

Finished my exam. That’s two major essay midterms in 18 hours. Yesterday’s was …and then Dynasty IV, beginning with Snefru, then Cheops who built at Giza, Djedefre who moved the necropolis to Abu Roash, Chefren of the younger line who returned to Giza and created the Sphinx for Atum, Mycernius who built at Giza but died early, Shepseskaf who finished his pyramid… and today’s exam was …the nihilism of the underground man, which is perceived only through the cultural meta-superstructure surrounding our conception of him and the chronology in which this reading is involved…

And now I am tired.

Regardless of how you feel…  §

Regardless of how you feel about existence, people, etc., the most important thing is to participate in our story, the story of humankind. For fifty thousand years we have proceeded more or less as we do today, and when seen in its entirety, there is nothing more beautiful, more compelling or more poignant than us — you, I and everyone, everyone who has gone before.

Sometimes, the sky at night… You see — it is the same sky! They are the same stars. Right now, in Cheops’ tomb, Orion and Sirius are still watching all these thousands of years later and below, we are still dreaming, here, on our home, one small laugh in an infinite ocean of silence that stretches to the edge of our understanding.

Perhaps someday we will find the others, but until then… it is our story and our story alone.

(This shameless bit of humanism is brought to you by Taco Bell, in cooperation — oddly enough — with Lenin.)

What? I already forgot. Kink…  §

What? I already forgot.

Kink in my back.

Check out Nidhi’s homepage for some ripping good design.

Time to begin March. I…  §

Time to begin March. I just realized I’ve used “2000” all through February instead of “2001” as should have been. Damn.

I’m 25 now.

I’m supposed to be in class. But I’m not. My professor’s going to love me even more now. Why am I not in class? Because I’m NAKED. Why? I forgot to do my laundry. Shit. I suppose I could go and stink the place up, but I doubt that’d make me a lot of friends.

Mondays are indeed shitty. Somebody KISS ME and make me feel better.