Leapdragon 2016 - Aron Hsiao Was Here

Regardless of how you feel…  §

Regardless of how you feel about existence, people, etc., the most important thing is to participate in our story, the story of humankind. For fifty thousand years we have proceeded more or less as we do today, and when seen in its entirety, there is nothing more beautiful, more compelling or more poignant than us — you, I and everyone, everyone who has gone before.

Sometimes, the sky at night… You see — it is the same sky! They are the same stars. Right now, in Cheops’ tomb, Orion and Sirius are still watching all these thousands of years later and below, we are still dreaming, here, on our home, one small laugh in an infinite ocean of silence that stretches to the edge of our understanding.

Perhaps someday we will find the others, but until then… it is our story and our story alone.

(This shameless bit of humanism is brought to you by Taco Bell, in cooperation — oddly enough — with Lenin.)

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